Yap Airport (22 KB)

FSS Micro Spirit near Woleai.(19 KB)

Church on Yap (26 KB)

Gloria's Sisters and Niece (27 KB)

Woleaian Dancing (34 KB)

More Dancers... (25 KB)

This is me. The one on 2 legs. (12 KB)

How the guys socialize in Palau. (30 KB)

Father John on the left... (10 KB)

Men dancing on Woleai (33 KB)

My Brother (25 KB)

We're Number 1! (11 KB)

And We're Number 2! (18 KB)

Fixing betel nut. (13 KB)

NIMS girls. (17 KB)

Mmmmmmmm... (41 KB)

Micro Spirit from Iyefang. (25 KB)

Look how skinny I am!!! (108 KB)

A taro patch on Woleai. (29 KB)

Crew of FSS Independence (71 KB)

Nice little puppies... (20 KB)

Louis Olerag (20 KB)

Tricia (18 KB)

Sussie and the Big Dog (17 KB)

Girls on a Bench in Yap Terminal (71 KB)

Lorraine at Woleai Airstrip (14 KB)

Girls from Satawal (20 KB)

Floren and Jo (26 KB)

Jesse at the pharmacy (35KB)

Barbecuing on Yap (52 KB)

Satawalese (42 KB)

Margaret, Gloria's sister (14 KB)

At the hospital (27 KB)

Outer Islanders (53 KB)

Thomas on Yap (34 KB)

Margaret's baby, Heather (15 KB)

John and his father, Yaigol (16 KB)

Chicks doing laundry 16 KB)

Pius Taliuchoi (17 KB)

Tom and Rocky (16 KB)

Nims Graduates (64 KB)

Jason and Rudy (25 KB)

Serla and Percilla (16 KB)

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